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Terms and Conditions for Student Musical Instrument Tuition:

Lesson fees are £25.00 per half hour. All lessons are payable in advance or at the time of the lesson.


All students must complete the Twang Music Academy Ltd enrolment from and pay an enrolment fee of £25.00.  


All details are kept privately and in case of emergency. Under no circumstances are personal details sold to or used by third party advertising and promotional companies.
​If you wish to cancel your lesson, students must give as much advance notice as possible but no less than 24 hours during normal business hours. To cancel a lesson you must contact your tutor or another member of staff at Twang Guitars Ltd between 10am - 6pm on 0208 676 0926. If proper notice is not given the lesson will charged at the normal rate.


If the student cancels frequently or they display unsatisfactory or inappropriate behaviour, their place at Twang Music Academy Ltd may be withdrawn.


​All students must own or have access to a proper working musical instrument, suitable for them to practise at home. 


The student must spend time between lessons practicing what they have been taught. It is at the discretion of your tutor at Twang Music Academy Ltd whether lessons will be continued if little or no progress is being made.

Lessons are conducted throughout the year and do not stop during the school holidays unless specified by your tutor. Twang Music Academy Ltd closes on national bank holidays and at Christmas unless you have alternative arrangements organised with your tutor. Please inform us, with as much advance notice as possible, if your planning to be absent from any lesson and will be away for more than two weeks at a time.


We ask all students to respect all members of staff and property of
Twang Music Academy Ltd and Twang Guitars Ltd at all times.

If you terminate your lessons, after 30 days we are legally obliged to remove all students details from our files and database as per GDPR regulations and we will have no record of your attendance or registration. If you wish to recommence lessons you will need to re enrol and pay the £25.00 enrolment fee again.
For more information on GDPR Regulations please click here.
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