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 Music Lessons

At Twang Music Academy, we offer music lessons in-store and online, catering to a wide range of ages, abilities and needs. We teach 7 days a week and have highly skilled and experienced teachers who can guide you along your musical learning journey. 

By learning an instrument, you'll not only develop your musical skills but also enhance your cognitive abilities, improve your memory, and boost your confidence. Plus, music is a fun and rewarding way to relieve stress and connect with others. 

Our teachers are passionate about music and dedicated to helping you succeed. They have years of experience and advanced qualifications in music, and they are committed to creating a positive and supportive learning environment for all students.

My daughter (7) started guitar lessons here last year after looking for a suitable teacher for a long time. Absolutely happy with Francesca as her teacher, my daughter really looks forward to her lesson every week.

- Lucy

We teach a variety of instruments, which include: 

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, music theory, singing, piano, violin, flute, cello, clarinet, double bass, saxophone, mandolin, Logic Pro X

If you cannot see the instrument you want to learn on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Student Recording Facilities

During the course of your tuition, once you have mastered a song or a piece of music, we can offer you the chance to record it.

This gives you the opportunity to hear for yourself how you sound, make any improvements to your performance, play it to your family and friends or post it on social media.
    N.B. Recording facilities are for registered students only.   

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